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SilverLungs has pioneered an innovative lung delivery system for unparalleled bioavailability.

nebulize colloidal silver

Nebulizing a silver solution provides instant bloodstream delivery and protects the ultra-small particles from grouping together into larger and less effective silver complexes in the harsh stomach environment.

instant bloodstream delivery

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Consumers Beware!

Silver solution companies will always try to convince you that their silver solution is "like no other" and must be produced in an advanced laboratory. They simply can't have you know that you should be producing your own silver solutions right from home!

SilverLungs Features

- Nano-sized Silver Produced -

- Multiple PPM Settings -

- Creates High pH Solutions -

- Automatic Shut-Off -

- Easy to Clean and Operate -

- Sealed Production Vessel -

- Dynamic Polarity Reversal -

- Magnetic Stirring -

- Step-by-Step User Manual -

Laboratory Analysis

The 8.4 nm average particle sizes produced by The SilverLungs Generator are based on particles of pure silver.

Normally, silver oxide particles (not the same as pure silver metal) are passed-off to the undiscerning consumer.

silverlungs particle size

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Step-by-Step User Manual

silverlungs user manual

- full color -

World Compatible Power

The SilverLungs Generator comes with a universal power adapter which automatically detects the incoming voltage from your wall power.

silverlungs power adapter

- 120v/240v -

The correct plug will be provided to accommodate your country and region.

Intelligent Circuitry

The internal circuitry automatically manages the magnetic stirring and dynamic polarity-reversal technology

silverlungs circuit board

The SilverLungs Generator actively measures the total amount of dissolved silver before triggering the automatic shut-off feature.

Front and Top Panel

The front panel LED indicator displays the current power-level.

silverlungs generator front panel

Rear Panel

The SilverLungs Generator features multiple PPM settings.

silverlungs generator rear panel

- 10/20 PPM -

Sealed Production Flask

The stopper seals the production to protect the solution from airborne debris and contamination.

silverlungs flask

- fully sealed production -

Pure Silver Electrodes

SilverLungs provides the largest pure silver electrodes sold today that in most cases never need replacing!

silverlungs electrodes

- 7.5" length -

- 99.99% purity -

- 1.38 oz. per set -

- 7 gauge diameter -

Each of the silver electrodes come polished with no sharp edges which ensures an even electrical flow.

Magnetic Stirring

A vital feature of any colloidal silver generator is a stirring mechanism.

The SilverLungs Generator features a magnetic stirring system that allows the flask to be sealed during production which keeps your silver solution contamination-free.

silverlungs magnetic stirring

What is Bubble Stirring?

One manufacturer uses a bubbling system which forces unfiltered air into the solution where dust and debris become trapped. Any contamination can quickly lead to a reduced shelf-life for a silver solution.

cheap bubble stirring

Bubble stirring is also a turbulent process that can loosen the silver hydroxide build-up on the electrodes and lead to a messy final product.

Colloidal and Ionic Silver

What is Colloidal Silver?

what is colloidal silver video

The word "colloidal" is the most misrepresented term for almost all silver solutions produced and sold.

The general consumer only knows one word; colloidal. It's safe to say that most consumers have never even heard the term ionic which is what most silver solutions actually are!

Silver solution manufacturers realize that the general consumer does not know the word ionic and would never risk labeling their silver solution anything other than colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver is properly defined as a solution of silver particles. A silver particle is two or more silver atoms.

Pure silver particles are not ionic nor bound to anything else. When they are in certain size ranges, the silver particles will shift the color of the solution to yellow and then to brown as the concentration increases.

yellow colloidal silver

Ionic Silver is properly defined as a solution of silver ions. Silver ions are positively charged atoms of silver and are also the smallest form of silver.

ionic silver

Ionic silver is always colorless.

Ionic vs. Colloidal

Although most silver solutions are actually ionic, this does not mean they are less-effective in any way.

Both forms are anti-bacterial which is why SilverLungs provides a protocol for producing both types.

How to tell the difference between the two?

types of colloidal silver

Here are some key points and attributes to ionic and colloidal silver solutions you can look for to help in making a determination.

Virtually all silver solutions sold today and produced from home generators will be colorless (indicating ionic silver.) These solutions are not colloidal by proper definition.

Only if a solution takes on a yellow hue can we know there are silver colloids (i.e. particles) present.

The yellow color happens when silver nanoparticles selectively absorb just the purple color spectrum of white light and in-turn the particles reflect back all other colors. This phenomenon of particle physics is called "plasmon absorption resonance", which is not a theory, but rather a well understood characteristic of silver nanoparticles in a water based solution.

color spectrum

Yellow is the resulting color of white in the absence of purple and there is simply no way around the yellow color of a true colloidal silver solution.

Claims that colloidal silver solutions should always be colorless come from those that are simply unable to produce a true colloidal product.