Laboratory quality colloidal silver


We continue to see "hit pieces" from silver solution manufacturers attempting to discourage the consumer from making their own colloidal silver solutions. There have been efforts for decades to convince us we cannot produce "laboratory quality" silver solutions ourselves.

laboratory quality colloidal silver

While there actually are many colloidal silver generating products available today that are quite unguided and poorly designed, SilverLungs set out to remove any potential risks when we entered this arena in late 2008.

the silverlungs colloidal silver generator

SilverLungs has designed a "turn key" product that is supported by ample documentation, detailed procedures and additional educational information that is provided throughout the entire setup and production process.

Our customers can rest assured they are making a superior product that in many cases proves even better than the so-called "laboratory grade" silver solutions touted today.

Starting with the basics
- water -

Water source and quality is absolutely key to silver solution production.

We can certainly agree with silver solution manufacturers here and we don't have to start out "blindly" with no level of control concerning the quality of water being used for production.

high ph colloidal silver

The source of water chosen can be very accurately tested for the presence of other "ions" with a simple and inexpensive water test meter. Any and all ions present in the initial water will collectively add to the electrical conductivity of the water and this will be revealed by the water test meter.

Foreign ions can combine readily with the silver ions and produce cloudy, undesirable solutions.

Thus, we have set a strict (1 PPM) upper limit reading for the test meter when preparing for production.

silver water test meter

Thankfully, we don't have to wonder if our silver solution is the quality we set out to produce as it will reveal itself through the clarity of the water.

- how to know -

The actively dissolving silver produced in The SilverLungs Generator only comes in the form of ionic silver.

Since no other form of silver is dissolved from our "low DC voltage" process, there is no additional silver content unaccounted for. This is what allows The SilverLungs Generator to know exactly when the target concentration has been reached and when to automatically stop production.

silverlungs circuit board

It is important to note that silver particles (completely different than silver ions) are not created during the initial production process.

For production of a particle rich solution rather than an ion rich solution, SilverLungs provides a secondary conversion process in every generator kit which allows both types to be produced (seeing that both have very well documented merit.)

yellow colloidal silver

Controlling particle sizes
- the easy part -

silverlungs particle sizes

click image to view

When choosing the colloidal protocol, it is important to note that the 8.4 nm average particle size stated for our product is based on particles of pure silver as shown above in the detailed TEM analysis run by nanoComposix.

Our testing represents the valid and applicable use of

TEM testing

. We have scanned, imaged and evidenced pure particles of silver. These are not silver oxide particles unwittingly created during the water evaporation process required for TEM analysis that silver solution manufacturers pass off as ultra-tiny pure silver particles.

.0008 micron silver

When seeing TEM images of silver particle sizes claimed to be 0.8 nm's or .0008 microns in size, these are images of silver oxide particles that were created incidentally during the TEM preparation process that were not even in the original solution!

To explain further, the removal of the water from the TEM test sample is absolutely required so that only the silver content can be successfully captured by TEM analysis. If the water was not removed, the water molecules would also be captured during analysis and this would produce a non-discernable black image.

This is clearly an invalid testing scheme for this type of silver as the "dry" silver ions are forced to combine with ambient oxygen when the water is removed (forming the tiny silver oxide particles we see later.)


Talk about misleading!

While we highly support the use of ionic silver, we also need to inform the consumer how these types of solutions are commonly misrepresented and we want to dispel the invalid claims of "supposed" particle sizes stated through improper testing methods.

This is all too common from silver solution manufacturers today.

The Generator
- safety -

The SilverLungs Generator is designed around custom circuitry and mechanics to ensure only the highest quality silver solutions are produced.

The "low voltage" design ensures an entirely safe device to operate.

front panel

In other devices (far less common), there are "high AC voltage" industrial machines that are surely better left in the hands of someone practiced in this specific type of silver generation.

High voltage AC systems are the apparatus of choice for producing much larger volumes but, can be lethal if improperly operated.

silverlungs certified

The SilverLungs Generator is safe enough for a child to operate and there is zero concern for electrical shock, fire or even a single spark. Not only is the power adapter short-circuit protected but also the generator itself.

No Risk of Argyria

The SilverLungs Generator comes well-documented with a complete set of protocols to follow. The advanced design of the generator regulates and controls all of the important variables from start to finish.

No Argyria cases have ever been linked to properly produced ionic or colloidal silver solutions.

colloidal silver argyria

Silver solutions can be considered "pure" when absent of:

- salts -

- electrolytic catalysts -

- proteins -

...and are kept in very safe concentrations of less than 50 PPM.

Although it is certainly fair to educate the consumer about Argyria, it is also important to note that "fear tactics" are often leveraged by 3rd party entities who have a vested interest in keeping you away from silver solutions entirely.

What's worse, we are now seeing the same discouraging campaigns from even the silver solution manufacturers as well that want you forever-dependent on their particular product.

Can we even be surprised?