The SilverLungs Generator
- Base Generator Kit -

the silverlungs colloidal silver generator

Generator Kit Contents

- User Manual -
- SilverLungs Generator -
- Power Adapter -
- Magnetic Stirring Bar -
- Flask and Cleaning Brush -
- Rubber Stopper -
- Pure Silver Electrodes -
- Electrode Cleaning Pad -

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Step-by-Step User Manual

silverlungs user manual

- complete instructions with FAQ -
- full color documentation -

The SilverLungs Generator

silverlungs generator front panel

- 10 and 20 PPM settings -
- world compatible -

Intelligent Circuitry

Actively measures the total amount of dissolved silver during production.

Regulates the magnetic stirring.

Automatically stops production when the target concentration is reached.

Manages the dynamic polarity reversal technology at the silver electrodes.

silverlungs circuit board

Power Adapter

The SilverLungs Generator comes with a universal power adapter.

The universal power adapter automatically detects the incoming voltage from your wall power.

silverlungs power adapter

- correct power plug provided -
- world compatible 120v/240v -

Magnetic Stirring Bar

The SilverLungs Generator features a magnetic stirring system that allows the flask to be sealed during the electrolysis process which keeps your silver solution contamination-free.

silverlungs magnetic stirring

- silent operation -
- teflon coated -

Flask and Cleaning Brush

flask and cleaning brush

- 1 liter capacity -
- borosilicate glass -
- cleaning brush -

Rubber Stopper

The stopper seals the production to protect the solution from airborne debris and contamination.

silverlungs flask

- pre-molded electrode holes -
- durable silicon compound -

Silver Electrodes

The SilverLungs Generator utilizes the largest electrodes sold today!

The generous electrode size ensures an extremely long life-span that in most cases never need replacing!

silverlungs electrodes

Each silver electrode comes mirror polished with no sharp edges which ensures an even electrical current flow between them during production.

- 7.5" in length -
- 99.99% purity -
- 1.38 oz. per set -
- 7 gauge diameter -

Electrode Cleaning Pad

copper pad

- 100% copper -
- creates a mirror polish -

Industry Recognition!

- G. Edward Griffin -

silverlungs user manual

silverlungs user manual

- Mike Adams -

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